Get your comfy on!


When you are out, say to the grocery store, work or school you are faced with having to look neat all the time and woman don’t just have to look neat, but also beautiful and fashionable. When you are at home all of this changes and you are allowed to look as you please!

So what do i look like you ask … well basically a hot mess, but this is more of a mess while still looking beautiful and fasionable.

Let me show you what i look like during winter times and summer times.


A long cardigan

I like to wear this while I am just relaxing on the couch drinking a cup of hot chocolate and reading a lovely book while it is rainy or cold outside. You can buy your own Cardigan here.

A Jersey Cami Top

I  wear this quite a lot beacause it is confy and really plain so it can go with anything and when you are caught wearing it at home by unexpected visitor you would not look like a homeless person while just relaxing. Buy your own Jersey Cami Top here (in 7 different colours).

Cashmere and Merino Luxurious Soft Touch Scarf

I like this, because they are not just an accessory, they also keep you warm and it works great with the Jersey Cami top because it covers the top so you stay warm. You can buy your own Cashamere and Merino Luxurios soft touch scarf here.

Cashmere Cotton Relaxed Joggers

I absolutely love these because the thing is they are super comfortable and actually quite fashionable. You can buy your own Cashmere Cotton Relaxed Joggers here.

Cashmere and Merino Socks

These are really nice to wear around the house with or without slippers. I do prefere to wear them with slippers, because I would just hate to get my socks dirty or step in something wet, which we all know is a huge pain. Buy your own pair of Cashmere and Merino Socks here.

Sheepskin Hard Sole Mocassin Slipper

These are amazing. I love the look because it’s almost got a vintage look to it and they are super warm and fuzzy. Like my grandmother would always say, it feels like i am walking on pillows. What are slippers really if they aren’t comfortable? Not slippers, I can tell you that! Buy your own pair of Mocassin slippers here.


Frilled Sleeveless Top

This is great, because it is so comfy and you can’t go wrong because you can even wear this when you need to pop into the grocery store real quick. Buy your own Friled Sleeveless Top here.

Printed Crochet Trim Shorts

I like these, because they are really cute and comfortable and that is after all what we are going for. Buy your own Printed Crochet Trim Shorts here.

Bow Front Fluffy Indoor Slippers

These are super great for summer times because it is soft, comfortable and cool at the same time, which is what you want in a slipper when it is summer time. Buy your own pair of slippers here.

This is what I wear around the house through the year. If you have any requests or questions, let me know in the comments below.

Thank you guys so much for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it and that this helped to give you a guide line of what you could wear. Please follow me and like this.

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