Milk Face Scrub

Cleopatra, known as the woman with the most beautiful skin in history. What was her secret? It was milk. Milk basically works for everything you would like to change in your skin. Do you ever look at models and wish you had their fair skin? I know I do, but how do you get from... Continue Reading →

Lemon and sugar face scrub

Yes! Lemon goes with almost every face scrub! It is no surprise though, because it has some really great benefits and I just love it in a whole because I am a sour freak! If you are too, try not to lick your face, because this one is going to be really good ... I... Continue Reading →

How to tighten and shrink large pores

For those who don't know, pores are small openings of hair follicles. They contain glads, which produces your skins oil. You would notice them most on your nose, because that is where they are the largest. These large pores are also the reason why most of us get so much blackheads on our nose. Luckily... Continue Reading →

How to whiten your nails

Everyone sees your nails whether you are working, handing someone some papers or just eating out with a bunch of friends, they will see your nails! A lot of people struggle with yellow nails and yet it is stared upon. I struggle with this myself, but luckily only on my toe nails. My problem is... Continue Reading →

Get your comfy on!

 When you are out, say to the grocery store, work or school you are faced with having to look neat all the time and woman don't just have to look neat, but also beautiful and fashionable. When you are at home all of this changes and you are allowed to look as you please!So what... Continue Reading →

Magical eye doctor!

Have you been working hard and sleeping way past your bed time lately? Spending hours and hours working but off? Do you get nothing in return except for those ugly dark marks around your eyes and some puffy bags too? Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.comI have just the cure! The other day i was thinking,... Continue Reading →

Caffeine Face Mask

Do you love coffee? What about tea? I love both and you can imagine how excited I was when I discovered that both are really great for your skin.Don't you just love the smell? It reminds me of a winter morning, cuddling under a fluffy blanket, sipping the smooth, bitter and sweet liquid that is... Continue Reading →

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